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== June MONDAY 27 1887 == Wes. and Joe have been drawing out manure to the field by McBrides again to day. I have been cuting grass in the front feild. Went out to Dover this evening to attend our Social in Erie Park. It was not a very great success. The fire last night semmed to put a damper on every thing, especialy on Mr. and Mrs. Ross who were leading members. The barns were without doubt set on fire by way of revenge, for laying information against illicit sale of liqour by a hotel keeper. == June TUESDAY 28 1887 == The men continued to get out manure to day {Or?} rather this forenoon. This afternoon they have been raking and puting up hay in front field. While I have been cuting hay in the orchard. The weather is very favourable for haying could not be better. Noticed to day that over Victor store in recieving a coat of paint which improves its looks very much. Ma had Aunt Lydia Norah and Mifs Murphy to see her to day.

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