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== July FRIDAY 1 1887 == Joe and Wes. have helped me in the hay to day instead of going to celebrate Dominion day, as many others have been I promised to give them a day at some other time however. Got in three more loads from the orchard this forenoon which makes fifteen in all so far. The weather continues to be very warm in the shade. Some appearance of rain in the north but, not here yet. I have almost finished cuting the field back of the barn, Got the other part of it up to night. == July SATURDAY 2 1887 == We have been working in the hay again to day with all our night. Got in six load from the field back of the barn making twenty one. Finished cuting this morning and this afternoon raked and put up ballance of field. There has been some appearance of rain this afternoon, in the North, but after all it has kept off. The weather has becomestill warmer than yesterday. Thermometer at 89 degrees. Am thankful to be making such good progress with the haying.

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