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== July SUNDAY 3 1887 == On account of the very warm weather Ma did not go with me this morning but, I took Joe instead. Heard our new minister Bro. Jas. Goodwin for the first time. Enjoyed his discourse very much. There was so much of Christ in it, and so little of self, just the opposite from what we have been having. Had a very precious time in our fellowship meeting after service. Came home for dinner and drove out this evening for evening service. Have been abundantly blessed for going out twice in the extreme heat to day. {second page} == July MONDAY 4 1887 == Have been geting in hay as fast as possible to day. The weather has been as warm as ever, 90 degrees in the shade. Got in six loads which makes twenty seven altogether, so far. Am thankful to say that we have got in all but a small load of rakeings from the field back of the barn. To night it rains. Have had a very heavy shower of rain, which will do much good to the growing crops. The Lord is indeed good to his people in providing rain in his season.

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