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== July THURSDAY 7 1887 == Hoed in the garden most of the time to day, while the men have been cuting grass in fence corners and in odd places, It dont seem to pay very well for the time it takes but, there are so many weeds destroyed in the opperation that we are often induced to go through with it. Drove down to Mrs. Clarkes this evening for a little while she told me that Mr. Chandler Holcomb had been there and gone away again. Felt disappointed at not seeing him. {second page} == July FRIDAY 8 1887 == I have been working in the garden most of the time to day. This morning however I took Ruth and Samantha up to Elias Kitchens and this everything we have got in a couple of loads of hay making thirty of this years crop or some fifteen loss than last year. We have this year cut some two or three loads arround fences and along gullies. Have one load ready to take out to Dover in the morning to Mr. Ross. The weather continues quite warm and even sultry. Find it hot working.

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