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== July SATURDAY 9 1887 == On account of rain this forenoon we worked inside, at grinding reaper knives and cradles scythes togather with sundry others such jobs. This afternoon Lewis took a small load of hay out to Mr. Alexander Ross, for me. He brought back a load of shingles for Perkis. Joe has been hoeing potatoes in the garden while have been weeding carrots and parsnips. The rain to day was a very moderate one and it still keeps warm. Have enjoyed in an unusual degree, communion with the Divine and Infinite this day. God is God, indeed. {second page} == July SUNDAY 10 1887 == Took Mantie and Bertha out with me to church this morning. Had a delightful service throughout. The Minister told us of a recent visit to the dying bed of old Capt. Liesk who was in a dying condition a fiew minutes before the hour of service & asked his brethren to pray that strength might be given to endure his last sufferings. He finaly died between eleven and twelve P.M. in the triumph of faith, Praise God Came home to dinner and returned again this evening. Spiritualy it has been a day of feasting on the Heavenly Manna sent from God to me.

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