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== July TUESDAY 10 1887 == Have been helping Billy McPhee get in wheat to day with the two men. Got the ten-acre-field all drawer and four loads from the Eleven acre lot. Had visitor who we never expected to see in the flesh Mr. Rensler Olds & wife. We had some other friends as well. Felt sorry that we had to work while they whe were here. Expect them back again however in a week or so. But after all it was to me a great treat to see these dear friends of my father and mother in their young days. {second page} == July WEDNESDAY 20 1887 == Finished drawing wheat this forenoon some thirty loads in all. Joe & Wes has been raking stubble & geting it in & c. I went out to Dover this evening with or rather after some repairs for Reaper & to attend a prayer meeting with society of official meeting afterwards. A new Quarterly board was organized with Mr. Johnathan Ellis a recording steward. Am much impressed with the business capacity of our new minister as well as his sterling piety.

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