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== July THURSDAY 21 1887 == Started the reaper in the barley field this morning, but the repair brought from Dover last night did not work so I had to take the broken castingto the blacksmith shop for mending. The boys Lewis and Joe have pulled peas this forenoon while this afternoon we have been helping Billy thresh wheat. It fill to me tp take care of the straw however. He has Joen Ryerse's machine, which does very good work. The grain is about ready for market. == July FRIDAY 22 1887 == Finished threshing wheat this morning geting done about ten-o'clock. This afternoon the boys have been pulling peas while I have been trying to cut barley. It rained occasionaly light showers however, so I visited with Mr. Francis Marr's who were here, with Bertha's little brother and sister. Our wheat did not turn out as much as we expected; but want some twenty bushells less than three hundred. The sample is very good however, and was well threshed.

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