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== July SATURDAY 23 1887 == My men have been pulling peas again to day. They have finished in much less time than I expected. It is a great satisfaction to have men who will not shirk. Feel very thankful that the Good Lord has sent them to us. Our work has been kept-well up throughout the whole season so far & everything, almost done in its proper time. Have been cuting barley most of the time to day, Not being well, I have not made much headway. {second page} == July SUNDAY 24 1887 == On account of my sickness last night and yesterday, I did not feel able to go to church this morning. We all went out this evening, and had a proffitable waiting before the Lord. It was good for us to mingle our with those that worshiped. Feel very thankful for the goodness of Almighty God in sending us such a worthy pastor as brother Goodwin seems to be. No wonder the people generally have recieved him so well.

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