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== July WEDNESDAY 27 1887 == Joe raked the barley stubble this forenoon while Wess. and I got in peas. Have drawn eight loads altogather to day. Find that the peas turn out loads pretty fast. Expect to have our big bag full from eight acres. The heat has been very oppresive to day. Have felt it very much. They dry weather is favourable for our work geting in crops though. We begin to feel the want of rain though, and had to get up some water from the creek to night for the first. Our big red heiffer came in to day. == July THURSDAY 28 1887 == Got in one load of loose barley. Rakings this morning being out last. Have since been drawing peas from the hill field. Seven loads of peas with eight drawn yesterday makes fifteen in all so far. The crop is a very heavy one, especially of straw and we are likely to have nearly as much more. Recieved a letter from Mr. Walter Ardlet of Montreal saying that he was comeing to {obstructed} a couple of weeks with us in August.

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