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== July SUNDAY 31 1887 == Took my friend Ransler Olds out to meeting this morning. Had a proffitable & joyous season both in class meeting & other service the Good Lord being with us. Had out dinner at home and all went out this evening. The heat has been extremely great to day and this evening, yet it has been a day of spiritualfeasting and enjoyment. Am so thankful that we have a minister after out desire. The change has been so great that we can fully appreciate our privelege. == August MONDAY 1 1887 == Have been washing up our old buggy this forenoon and doing some other little jobs Lewis hes been mowing cloverseed in the field west of the woods & c. Went up to Unckle John Matthews this afternoon with our friends Mr. and Mrs Ransler Olds, who are to spend the week with up. Had a pleasant visit with them and they seemed to enjoy it as well. Mr. Olds is quite a musician still though sixty five years of age. His voice keep almost as clear as ever. Had a good sights nigh.

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