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August SATURDAY 6 1887 Lewis has been ploughing in the field next to McBrides most of the time to day. We got up a load of cloverseed after dinner. Went with our friends Mr and Mrs Olds for a stroll along the lake shore this afternoon. The weather has become cool at last and is quite comfortable. Rain seems to have fallen to the north of us, but, here it keeps as dry as ever. Joe helped James Challand thresh for me this forenoon. They finished about eleven o'clock {second page} August SUNDAY 7 1887 Took our friends R Olds and wife with us to our first Quarterly meeting at Port Dover to day We missed the Woodhouse friends and the number of communicants seemed smaller than it should have been. Remained to the evening service which was also a season of proffit. The Minister gave us what he called a song service which was somewhat different from others that I have attended. Short addresses were given by Brothers Ni Ellis and & Montgomery as well as by the minister.