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== August TUESDAY 16 1887 == Lewis has started the plough in the field by McBrides again to day Joe has been spreading manure. Spent the forenoon myself in geting the old reaper ready for work. This afternoon have been cuting cloverseen on the Big Flat with the reaper. The crop is a rather poor one being rather thin but otherwise is well filled. Had a short visit from Mr. and Mrs. James Holcomb this evening. The weather keep verry dry, with some appearance of rain occasionaly. {second page} == August WEDNESDAY 17 1887 == I've had one team ploughing in the field by McBrides again to day. Joe worked at spreading manure this forenoon, this afternoon he has been helping Walter Austin thresh. It has taken me all day to get the ballance of clover seed cut on the Big Flat. Rain comenced falling at about six o'clock. There are good indications of an a shower. Had a short visit from William and a Wally Watts this evening. Mr Ardly still remains with us.

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