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== August THURSDAY 18 1887 == Lewis has been ploughing again today, in the field by McBrides. The rain last night having made the ground plough much better. Joe has been helping Walter Austin thresh. I have spent the day very pleasantly with Mr. Ardley. We first visited the cave near Nanticoke. Drove to Mr. John Menckes for a dinner. Had a delightful visit there. Came by the lake shore to William Wattses for tea, and spent a peasant hour with them. Found Mrs Alderson waiting for me at home with an invitation to a church trial of our last minister. {second page} == August FRIDAY 19 1887 == Kept the plough going again to day in the field by McBrides. Joe has been rolling in the same field. I have spread manure most of the time myself. This evening however I went up to Unckle John Matthews with our friend Mr. W. H. Ardley who leaves us in the morning for Montreal. Have enjoyed his company very much, more than usual for a stranger. He leaves very reluctantly and promises to return with the first opportunity. Probably next Summer.

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