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== August MONDAY 22 1887 == Ample showers have at last fallen and the earth is again sufficiently moistened for all practical uses. It has rained most of the time to day. Got up our old cow this morning and now we have the satisfaction of knowing that she is at least comfortable. Joe has been helping me about cleaning out the cistern at Drivebarn this afternoon. Louis did not get home until this evening from his trip to his father-inlaws. It did not make much difference though. {second page} == August TUESDAY 23 1887 == Showers of rain have continued to come until this morning; but today the weather has been fine. We took our seven yearling piggs to the factory this marking Morning. Afterwards Lewis started the plough in the field by McBrides. Joe has been spreading manure in the same field. I went to Dover this afternoon to attend of trial and of our late minister Bro. Calvert in a charge laid by Mrs Alderson. He did not come, however, His wife being very ill. Ma has been quite poor today also.

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