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== August FRIDAY 26 1887 == Have been a good deal under the weather to day, so much so as to be unable to do much work. Both Joe. and Wess. have been ploughing in the hilly field. Have made an addition of quite a piece of land along the creek by removing the fence and ploughing down to the creek. The appearance is much improved as well. Am thankful to record that my mother is aain convalessent though she is not recovering as fast as I would like to see her. {second page} == August SATURDAY 27 1887 == Cool weather prevails now, both night and day, a great change from a few days ago. Have had the ploughs running in the field by M North of Drivebarn as usual. The boys are likely to finish it soon. Took ten lambs to jarvis this morning Joe and I. Recieved ten 3 dollars each for the lot. Heard from my friend Mr. Ardley of Montreal, that he had got home all right but was not feeling so well as when here. Drove out to town this evening.

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