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== September MONDAY 5 1887 == Joe has been geting out manure from below the drive-barn to top dress the hill side East of the house. Wes. and I have been cuting corn again as usual. Did not get done as we expected however. Was greatly surprised this evening when comeing up from the field to meet my Neice Leila. She came quite unexpected. Am thankful to see her grow to be a fine helthy girl, and quite interesting and useful as well. Sold thirsteen Bushells of wheat to Francis Marr for seed to day at 80 cts per Bushells. == September TUESDAY 6 1887 == Lewis and I finished cuting corn on the Big Flat this forenoon. This afternoon both he and Joe have been drawing and spreading manure on the field next to McBrides. Went up to Simcoe this afternoon to get Leilas Trunk. Had tea at Mr Hugh Calvers before comeing home. Was surprised to night to hear that my friend and Bro. Alexander Ross had died this morning at about two o'clock, Had fully expected that this brother would soon be well again, hence my surprise.

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