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== September SUNDAY 11 1887 == Took Bertha and Leilia with me to church this morning. Did not feel as much proffited as on other days, but, the Lord was with us, in our very midst. Spent the ballance of the day at home in reading & meditation. proffit not without being blessed thereby. Am somewhat unwell to night from having eaten something for dinner that did not agree with me. Did not go to church this evening on account of darkness and rain. My soul is greatly drawn out after God. {second page} == September MONDAY 12 1887 == Did not have a very good night rest on account of illness. Got off with Leilia this morning however & took her to Dover in time for the eight o'clock train. Called at W. J. Carpenters and at Mr. Stimps to make enquiries about a servant girl. Have spent the whole day in trying to find one. With the exception of Mifs Marianne Williams who promised to come next Monday if we wanted her at that time, I have failed to make a success of the days labour. Wesley has been drilling wheat again to day.

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