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== September TUESDAY 13 1887 == Lewis has been drilling again to day in the field by McBrides, Joe has been working away with the Acme on the hilly field. Have been away myself looking after a girl, did not succeed very well so have concluded to fall back on the Mifs. Williams who pomised to come next Monday. Have had some favourable reports of the latter from different one which make me feel thankful. Brought Mrs. Moody home with me this afternoon for a visit with us. {second page} == September WEDNESDAY 14 1887 == Got the field by McBrides all sown to day and partly furrowed out. It looks very fine indeed since finishing. Joe has finished cultivating the hilly field with the Acme and has been rolling before drilling this afternoon. I have lead a great number of jobs though the day as usual. Helped Lewis run the cross-furrows this afternoon. The weather has been very fine indeed. Mrs Moodey has been with us too day, & is a very interesting lady.

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