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== September THURSDAY 15 1887 == Lewis has been drilling in the hilly field most of the time to day. This field is also in very fine order and covers with the drill very well indeed. I have been cleaning ditches most of the time in the field by McBrides while Joe has been using the Acme on the Big Flat geting it ready to sow to-morrow. Had a short visit from Willie Wilson this evening. He now lives with his father in Port Hope as assistant editor of Port Hope Guide, is quite a man. {second page} == September FRIDAY 16 1887 == Have been cleaning ditches myself in the field by McBrides while the boys have continued to worke as usual at seeding Lewis finished drilling the hilly field this afternoon and got started on the big Flat amongst the corn shocks on ground that has been sown, to drill when they stand. Propose to huske the coen on the wheat ground, also or most of it. The weather keeps cool, but as yet we have had no frost.

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