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== September SATURDAY 17 1887 == Finished drilling the Big Flat to day, Have sown that and the hilly field with the Mediteranean & Deihil Hybrid wheat. Am thankful to have some thirty five acres in to wheat. Have been very buisy myself as usual. Took Mrs Moody, who has been visiting us for a few days past out to Dover this afternoon. She is a very interesting lady and her visit has been quite a treat to us. She has been a good help to ma as well. Our first frost came last night; but, did not hurt the corn fodder. == September SUNDAY 18 1887 == Went out to church this morning takeing Joe with me. Our minister was away from home so Bro. Ellis preached, or rather read us one of Falmages sermons. Came home before class on purpose to be able to attend the meeting of {Tomy?} Bossfield in Elliots school house. Found jack and Florence here however, so I had to give up going after all. The past has not been one of by best days, spiritualy. Still, I do not propose to fall back on good desires alone, but to go forward still in the strength of God, from conquering to conquer. Amen.

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