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== September FRIDAY 23 1887 == Lewis and I have been drawing corn from the Flat this forenoon. Got two loads of unhusked corn inside ready for a rainy day. Joe has been helping Alexander Marr thresh about three quarters of the time to day. Unckle Holmes Matthews and wife were here to dinner, and for a short visit. Went down to the schoolhouse for an evenings entertainments, the proceeds of which are to be used in building sidewalks. {second page} == September SATURDAY 24 1887 == Have been gathering and sorting over apples to day, and Wesley has been helping me. We are trying to get a load of Fall apples ready to take up to Simcoe. Joe has has been husking corn on the Big Flat. Ma and I went out to Dover this evening to look after some small matters. Drove up to Wellington Carpenters on the way home to see how Mrs Carpenters was. Found her in a very low state of health. A consultation had been held this morning.

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