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== September SUNDAY 25 1887 == Took ma and Bertha with me this morning to church. Had a most excellent discourse from our Brother Goodwin. Always feel proffited by his sermon. Our classs-meeting afterwards was a season of proffit. Went down to Elliots school-house this afternoon to hear the Jarvis minister Bro. Jackson. The service there was also interesting. This evening I heard Mr Grady preach his last sermon as pastor of the church here. Have been much encouraged and strengthened by the day exercises. == September MONDAY 26 1887 == Lewis and I put up a load of apples this forenoon. This afternoon I went with them to Simcoe. Sold to Mr. W. P. Ennis at fifteen cents per bushell. Had thirty seven bushells and a half on my load. They brought me nearly six dollars. Have had Joe husking corn again to day. Our first frost of the season came last night. This morning our green corn fodder was frozen stiff. Am still enjoying the favour of the Almighty God.

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