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== September THURSDAY 29 1887 == The boys and I finished husking corn out of doors this morning. Got the remainder of corn stalks drawn also. This afternoon the boys have drawn in the last load of husked corn from the Big Flat. Took Mrs Ryerson home this afternoon and this evening ma and I drove down to Mr. John Menckes where we had tea. Went with them afterwards to the Grange Social in the new Grange Social in the new Grange Hall. Heard an address by the Master of Dominions Grange. Mr Moffat. Had a pleasant time. == September FRIDAY 30 1887 == We killed and dressed out big calf this morning, the boys and I. After looking for and finding lands for threshing this afternoon and to morrow I went out to Dover to take the hid and to look after some other business. Got home in time to help thresh a while before night. The Evan's Machine being here. Joe allowed one of our teems to run away this afternoon breaking the waggon badly, but otherwise not doing much damage, fortuneatly.

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