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== October WEDNESDAY 5 1887 == It has taken us until the middle of this afternoon to get done out threshing. Have only had a couple of hands besides ourselves to day however. Threshed the barley this forenoon. Had One Hundred bushells from eiht acres sowing or about thirteen bushells per acre. Threshed out the cloverseed to day also. Had only six bushells from twelve or fourteen acres. Everything this season has run about half of the usual yield owing the long continued hot dry weather. == October THURSDAY 6 1887 == I went up to Simcoe this morning, to see Mr. Y R Nelles to see about to matter of our mortgage. Made a partial agreement with him for its renewal at the end of the present month. Our pogress at makeing money from the farm has been very slow and the pleasure of paying longstanding debts from our own earning remains impossible. Have had the boys picking apples again to day. Drove up to W. J. Carpenters this evening found Mrs C. quite ill yet.

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