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== October SUNDAY 9 1887 == Went out to church as usual this morning as usual, but alone. Bro Goodwin enlarged upon, "Come then with us and we will do thee good for the Lord hath spoken good concerning Israel. {missing second "} The sermon was excellent and a delightful class meeting followed. The Good Lord was with us to our wona dn to Wess. Failed to get down to the school house as we intended owing to rain that has been falling at time this afternoon. Appreciate more and more fully the association of God's people. Sureley His people shall by my people. == October MONDAY 10 1887 == Some rain has fallen to day, enough to keep us from gathering apples. The boys have, consquently been cleaning up barley for the market. I have been engaged much as usual at sundry. Was told by Mr. Wesley Matthews lately of his plan of feeding horses in Winter. He cuts straw enough for Morning and evening, pours hot water over it and {miles?} up with some chop. His experience with this kind of feed is that is does much better than hay & is much cheaper.

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