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== October TUESDAY 11 1887 == Have drawn two loads of barley to Jarvis to day, this being amt. of this years crop with us. Had only eighty bushells and 32 lbs by weight out of 100 Bu. By Machine measure. Sold at fifty cents per Bushells. As I was going with my second load up McBrides hill who should I meet but Ida Skinner with Holcomb on their way to Simcoe. We have been expecting her for a long time however. The boys have been working at gathering apples & sundry other jobs as usual. {second page} == October WEDNESDAY 12 1887 == Joe and I cleaned up a load of oats this forenoon. This afternoon I took it up to the oatmeal mill and sold at 32 cts per bushell though Mr Edmonds was away and I did not get the money. Had sixty five bushells and ten pounds on my first load. The boys have finished gathering cider apples to day, and have got the whole done. It has been a disagreeable cold blustery day with every appearance of an early Winter.

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