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== October SATURDAY 15 1887 == Took a load of oats to the mill again to day, Sold both loads for thirty two cents per Bu. Had to wait a long time for Mr. Edmonds however which made me late geting home. Went to Dover this evening and paid the ballance of note given for Binder. This I am glad to say is the last one out for implements. It is such a relief to have it retired. Recieved a letter from Mr. Ardley relative to Willie McWade. The latter is not likely to get a station on the Grand Frank after all. {second page} == October SUNDAY 16 1887 == Ma and I with Bertha went down to hear Mr. Bear in Jarvis. this morning. Came back to Holcomb for dinner after which we attended service in Elliots School house. Bro. Baer preached there also. Came home afterwards & after doing chores went out to Dover to our own church. Bro Goodwin gave a discourse about Joseph mostly expository. Enjoyed it very much. The day has been a very proffitable one to my soul. Surely they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.

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