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== October WEDNESDAY 19 1887 == Ma and I went up to Simcoe this forenoon to the Ag. Show. The day has been exceedingly fine & warm. A large crowd of people were in attendance and the exhibits were fully up to any other year. We went first to George Lemons and had dinner. Was informed of the unexpected death yesterday of the Rev S. S. Nelles, who was for over thirty years president of Victoria Univeristy and one of my own tutors for a time. {second page} == October THURSDAY 20 1887 == Went down to Jarvis this forenoon to see about selling the bull but failed. Afterwards drove to Dover to attend trial of Mr. Calvert who was charged with breaches of discipline, but have an Idea that the case was not serious in its effects either way. Went back to Jarvis after ma before going home. She has been attending the Sabbath School convention there to day. She reports a very interesting time.

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