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== October FRIDAY 21 1887 == Have been working away at out Aloe most of the time to day. A change in the weather has occured since the rain last night. Had our first visit from Mr. Baer to day who was with us for dinner. He brought Mids Ida Skinner with him from James Holcomb. Ida is going to stay with us for a fiew days. I went with Joe this evening to Jarvis this evening after the bull which I thought was sold to Mr. Featherson. == October SATURDAY 22 1887 == Still continue to lay out all our energies on building the cellar wall under the tennant house. Do not seem to make much headway however, and after all, we do not feel disposed to give it up until finaly acomplished. Went up to Unckle John Matthews for tea this evening. Ma and Mids Ida Skinner being already there. Of course I enjoy this young ladys company. She is so much superiour to the general run, of her sex.

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