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== October THURSDAY 27 1887 == Wes and I togather with Joe have been working away at the cellar again to day as usual. I went down to Mrs. Clarkes to take Mifs Ida Skinner this morning. however. Called at Captain McFells on the way. The latter has had a sale to day, of his loose property. preparatory to leaving his farm. Mr John Murphy acted as auctioneer and stayed over night with us last night, and Mrs Murphy also. The cold weather has abated again. {second page} == October FRIDAY 28 1887 == Went up to Simcoe this forenoon takeing ma with me, for business purposes. Got home for dinner and this afternoon have been working away at the cellar wall with the men. Am thankful that we are makeing some progress notwithstanding the tedeousness of the job. The weather has become much warmer and present indications are that another rain may soon follow. It will bee kneeded however.

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