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== October SATURDAY 29 1887 == The boys and I have continued to work at the cellar under the tennant house to day as usual. Do not feel quite satisfied with our progress however, it seems to take us so long. Ma went out to Dover this afternoon and brought home Mifs Ida Skinner with her. We propose to take the latter to our Simcoe to morrow; and, to church while there. The weather has been very cold and blustery, but seems to be geting milder. {second page} == October SUNDAY 30 1887 == Ma and I went up to Simcoe this morning takeing Ida Skinner with us. Attended both morning and evening service in our own church, while Mifs Ida and I went to the army in the afternoon. The latter was after all the most interesting meeting. after all The Rev Le Roy Hooker the Methodist minister preaches very well, and says some very good things. Had our dinner and tea at Mrs John Murphys. The day has been beauty.

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