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== November WEDNESDAY 2 1887 == Joe's time was out last night but today he has continued to work for fifty cents. I went down to James Holcombs after wheat that he owed me this forenoon. Took it up to Simcoe this afternoon & left at Suttles mill brought home some flour from it though. Took Ida down to James Holcombs, she having completed her visit with us for the present. Have promised to go down to Pelham on Saturday next & to take her with us. == November THURSDAY 3 1887 == Lewis has been ploughing in the ten-acre-field. Joe is gone so we are all alone. Went up to Simcoe this forenoon to see about geting money for Joe. Took it to him this evening. Had dinner with Thomas and R. Nelles to day, & family. His wife is quite an interesting lady. Saw her that used to be Mifs Nelles when I was at the college in Coboury. She has greatly changed since then however.

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