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== November FRIDAY 4 1887 == Have had Lewis ploughing most of the time to day in ten-acre-field. Have been taking potatoes out of the hole myself to put away for Winter in the cellar. Was Was surprised to see Mifs Ida here this forenoon. Expeced that she had gone home. She seemed disappointed when we told her that we could not go to Pelham to-morrow. Ida lost a gold ring in out back yard this after noon which I suppose helped to make matters worse. Hope to find it for her again. == November SATURDAY 5 1887 == Lewis ploughed in the ten-acre-field this forenoon. This afternoon I had to send him after a load of water, to the lake. I have been engaged at sundry jobs through the day. Went out to Dover before noon and did some errands then. It seems strange that the weather continues so warm and dry when September and October were so very cold and Winter like. Had intended going to Pelham to day but owing to business still unsettled I had to go it up.

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