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== November SUNDAY 6 1887 == Ma Bertha and I went out to the November Quarterly Meeting this morning, at the Port. Enjoyed the service very much though it seemed a little tedious. Had our dinner at Mifs Giles and afterwards did a little pastoral visiting. Came home in time to go down to Holcombs in whose house a prayer meeeting &c was held to night by Thomas Bossfield. A goodly number was present and a proffitable time spent. The weather has been very warm & is still quite dry. {second page} == November MONDAY 7 1887 == Have had Lewis ploughing in the ten-acre-field again to day. I went up to Simcoe to settle up some outstanding accounts. Got the matter all right with refference to loan also. Some of the charges were not satisfactory however, being as I thought out of reason. One is very soon reminded in making a loan that the borrower is servant of the lender. Went to Dover this afternoon to attend the Quarterly meeting also to do some other business in connection with paying debt.

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