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== November MONDAY 14 1887 == I have been picking over apples to day geting them ready for the cider mill &c. Lewis has been working at the celler wall part of the time. He went out to Dover this forenoon however to attend the court of revision, some one having objected to his having a vote. Am glad that the matter was arranged satisfactorily. We have been takeing our cattle to water this sometime, to the creek on the concession, but to day the spring water reached out place in abundance. {second page} == November TUESDAY 15 1887 == Lewis has been working at the cellar again to day. It seems to take a great while to finish. But, we expect to see the time yet. I have been picking over apples as usual & have about got done with the cider apples for this year. Paid a note of Peter Mitchels this evening. Am so thankful that I had the money for him. Heard from Mifs Ida this evening. She seems to have enjoyed her visit with us.

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