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== November SATURDAY 26 1887 == On account of rain which has continued to fall a good share of the time to day Lewis has not got home yet. A piece of our straw-stack fell down last night and I have been all day as hard as I could work trying to get a heifer from under the straw and the straw taken care of. Succeeded in both. Wanted to have gone to Pelham to day again but circumstances prevented. The funeral of my late friend Mr. C. J. Cook takes place to morrow. Would like to have been then. == November SUNDAY 27 1887 == The weather continues rainy with intervals of fine weather. Went out to church this morning takeing Bertha with me. Enjoyed the service very much indeed especialy the class-meeting. Utterance was graciously given when endeavouring in my humble weak way to discharge my duty as leader. Surely I had rather be a door-keeper in the house of my God than to dwell in tents of wickedness. Cannot forget my dear friend the late C. J. Cooke died with an illness of one about twenty much of what a warning to the living.

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