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== November MONDAY 28 1887 == The rain of the last three days culminated in a snow storm last night almost the first in the season here. Some five or six inches fell this time. Lewis went up to the Decon neighborhood after potatoes this forenoon, while I worked arround at sundry jobs geting things in readiness for Winter which seems to be upon us now in earnest. Have to spend the evenings at paring apples occasionaly, which we did to night. There being quite a fiew of our apples spoiling. == November TUESDAY 29 1887 == The small quantity of snow that fell on sunday evening last is enabling us to draw up some wood on the bob-sleighs. Went out to Dover this afternoon after some winter boots and shoes for myself and Lewis family Madge a purchase of Caley of more than nine dollars worth. Got a pair of Water-proof felt boots for myself at &3.70 per rain. The weather is quite cold not far from 7ers to night.

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