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== November WEDNESDAY 30 1887 == Have had Lewis geting up wood most of the time to day The little snow on the ground seem to make the sleighs ship along much better than the waggon. I have been geting things in order for the Winter most of the time. Find plenty of work however, even at night, for we are still parenting apples for drying & c. The Winter weather still continues and seems continues and seems like a fixture, judging from appearances at the present time. == December THURSDAY 1 1887 == Worked away this forenoon as usual at sundry jobs, both Lewis and I. This afternoon we have been geting some timbers home from John Marrs woods to be used as joists or sleepers in our proposed new stables. Have been enjoying in a good degree the assurance of the Divine presence and favour. It seems so strange that I am so unstable in my enjoyment. I often wondered why it should be so. It must be owing to natural informities partly at least.

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