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== December FRIDAY 2 1887 == Lewis has been geting timbers flatted on one side for sleepers under our proposed new stable. He has finished his share. I have been building stairs to go down his cellar. Got them all done besides geting a door nearly made for the cellar-way. Am makeing the latter out of flouring. Settled up with Joe Greene to day, paying the ballance {illegible} him for his Summers work. The cold weather has become quite warm and soft. == December SATURDAY 3 1887 == Lewis and I have been working away at the west shed most of the time to day as usual. I went down to Holcombs before dinner, however to get a fiew pieces of seding for use in fixing the little house. Heard a fiew particulars of the sudden death of my friend the late Calvin J. Cooke. He suffered and did of convulsions or cramps of his stomach in about fifteen minutes from the time he was first taken, out of {comparation?} health. Had no time to make any preparation for death.

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