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== December TUESDAY 6 1887 == We have got through with the oft dreaded job to day, killing hoggs. There is nothing that I dislike more; indeed. to take the life of anything seems dreadful to me. The day has been delightful, More like spring than Winter Had James Holcomb to help. He understands the business well. Killed six young piggs. Was glad to hear that the new church on his place would be dedicated in a couple of weeks. Some of out Pelham friends are to come there. == December WEDNESDAY 7 1887 == Got our pork cut up and salted this forenoon, Lewis and I. This afternoon we have been at work at our stable as hard as ever. Find that it will take longee than we expected to get out cow stable done. Am thankful done Am thankful however that I have got such good help for Lewis is quite a carpenter and, togather we can get along nicely. We hope to get the farm buildings in a much better state of repair soon with his help.

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