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December THURSDAY 22 1887 My man has been unable to work to day on account of Rheumatism which he has contracted in some way or other. Have been extremely buisy all day. Took ma down to Holcombs this morning where she attended the dedication of the new methodist church on Holcombs place. Went down myself this evening, but got there too late for the tea-meeting The latter was a success. Subscriptions were taken to build sheds &c Signed 4$ payable next Fall. {second page} December FRIDAY 23 1887 Lewis has been entirely laid up to day with the Rheumatism. Find enough to do alone to keep my buisy all day long. William and John Watts came this morning after a couple of turkeys for their Christmas dinners Sold them at nine cents per pound. The weather has been quite moderate to day. There is some prospects of another fall of snow beforelong. Learned last night from Mrs Clarke that Mrs Lawes was coming up soon.