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DECEMBER WEDNESDAY 28 1887 A very cold storm mostly of {illegible} from the North West has been reyeing{?} to day. It always occurs to take more work to tend to {illegible} in such weather. My sister and her husband are still with as and have been visiting at {illegible} Joseph {illegible} Tells this evening. School meeting came off to day, but was unable to attend to it, on account of my many {illegible} ties. Joe Greene was here and wanted to hire. Engaged him at eight {illegible} month until {illegible} get well. DECEMBER THURSDAY 29 1887 The weather being very cold and windy I have had my hands full to day. But, in the midst of my labors, focus has been precious. He is indeed the King of Glory. My King and my God. Look {illegible} at {illegible} this evening with our old friend of the "New {illegible}" Mr. George Hilson {illegible} of Port Hope. The evening passed off very pleasantly talking about various matters. Much fault has been found with me for not getting a wife sooner

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