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== January THURSDAY 6 1876 == During the night it dried up, and the roads hard froze this morning, and flakes of snow blowing about but it is too cold for the snow to fall, 3 pair of stones going briskly in the water Mill. The men working at the covering of the Boiler with felt, we had to make 2 wooden rings for top & Bottom, and wide enough to admit of room to introduce the stanes between them and the felt (which was previously tied on round about with twine), and then kept in their place with wedges in a tempory manner untill ready for the iron hoops === FRIDAY 7 === This was a very pleasant morning, and very little frost, enough to make the roads hard and dry. And during the day the Sun shone out quite pleasant. William went up to London and then on to Chatham to see about corn, But found that they had not begun to shell it out as yet, the weather being too open for that === SATURDAY 8 === This morning was dry but not hard frost, but of any thing dark & dull in the forenoon a light rain came on for a little while, but not enough to drive the skaiters of the ice, But the latter part of the afternoon was quite wet and rained considerable. The copper still is about done the hoops having been put on this forenoon. No snow snow whatever to be seen any where. William came home to night without doing any thing