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== October. THURSDAY, 18th 1877. == This is another dull morning and a good deal of mist that it almost wets one through in a short time. I have made up my mind to proceed to Stratford to consult John Idington about dower. I did start by the ½ past 2 train and got there about ½ past 4, and found him engaged at an arbitration between a Farmer and the New Railway Co. from Woodstock, Stratford and into the Huron Tract. I staid at the Hotel all night and after tea had some time to consult him as well as in the morning. === FRIDAY, 19th === This was a very wet morning in Stratford & having rained very heavy through the night the streets were very wet I left by the early train for the East at 9.25. and got here at 11. a. m. and found it wet and disagreable here also, and mason work suspended for the day. === SATURDAY, 20th === This is a cold raw morning, but as yet no rain although it looks like it. It is getting colder as the day advances, however the afternoon was dry but not in any way cheerfull weather. I handed in a letter to the Inspectors of my Estate this forenoon about my Wifes Dower I went up to Goldies Mill in the afternoon and saw the new Engine at work which to all appearance went well the speed is much reduced below the old one that was taken away, and the valves are not so intricate and difficult to set and keep in order the boiler's are fed at present with hot water from the Exaust cistern, But when the condencer is completed I do not see how they can feed with hot water, without an additional fixture for the purpose