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== December. THURSDAY, 20th 1877. == This morning opened up the same as yesterday with the glass between 30º & 40º and quite mild all the day, and the roads out of town are very muddy, that is the side and concession roads, the main gravel roads are in pretty fair order === FRIDAY, 21st === This is much the same kind of morning, with the exception that there had been rain during the night and also a shower this morning about 7. The main front window is put into the shop this morning, and Martin has begun to strap the walls === SATURDAY, 22d === This is also a very mild close dull morning, the grass and walks quite damp, the Holly is fine and green and in demand by the Butchers for to decorate their Beef, Sheep & Pigs which are hung up in profusion. The whole day was thick and dark with fogg, I cannot remember such weather to continue so near Christmas when several have been plowing this very week with great ease