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== December. MONDAY, 24th 1877. == Sabbath 23d was mild a little above freezing and the ground wet with the falling fogg. This Monday is another soft morning and the glass about 35º and as the day advances it becomes more foggy that one can scarsly see more than accross the street, such a continuation of thick close weather I cannot remember, even the year of the Rebelion 1837 which was mild and open weather even into the new year, but cannot remember so much fogg. === TUESDAY, 25th === Christmas Day, at 7 a m dull and dark weather and the glass at freezing, and did not get above 35º all day, in the afternoon the fine rain or falling dew came on and towards 4 Oclock a close rain fell for some time, there was very little mirth and pleasure riding or driving and hardly any ice on the Dam. I dined at Higinbothams but Mrs Allan did not venture out having not sufficiently recovered from her cold. === WEDNESDAY, 26th === This is another moderate morning at 7 a.m. the glass was exactly at Z Freezing and not a breath of wind, it was dark that I had to go outside with the light as frequently of late to see the figures of the Thermometer. It is really a remarkable season, and all the Merchants complaining of the want of trade.