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== December. MONDAY, 31st 1877. == Sabbath was a fine day and the Church well attended, there had been pritty hard frost through the night, for the streets were hard and dry. This morning being the last day of the year is getting colder as the glass was at 20º at 7 a.m. the wind enclined to the East and snow flakes flying, & does not seem to come down freely. The large wholesale house of George Winks & Co. has failed with liabilities of $300,000 and Assets to pay 74¢ in the dollar. Mr Kirkpatrick of Goderich and Mr Hugh McCullach of Galt were here inspecting the Mill to see what repairs are required, and what improved apperatus is requested to keep up with the times* *Mr Kirkpatrick told the Miller that he could build a new mill at the Railway Station that could grind all the flour he would want to make for $18,000 and save all the teaming of flour & wheat, which is a very large item, and have no dam ice or backwater to contend with, nor shortness of water for half of the year, so that the Bank would have to come down a great deal more in their price than what they now ask.