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== JANUARY 1888 1893== === 2 Monday === Quite a heavy fall of snow last night. Willie has been back at the Bush this forenoon for wood and thinks there is about a foot of snow on the level. there was considerable drifting as the wind was high. did not do much this forenoon as, on account of losing sleep last night did not feel well. I rode up with Johny to Oustic and voted for Talbot for D{_} Reeve, and George Armstrong, Robert Scott, & Wm Hindley for Councilor. Willie also followed me up and voted much the same. Johny voted for drunken Hamilton, not much to his credit, I understand he has got in too by 2 votes. Councilors elected, Armstrong, Scott, Loree - the roads are heavy . we had a visit of Duncan Anderson who is now down this way. we had our new years Supper at Willie's and Mr Anderson joined us. === 3 Tuesday === A very cold night has just passed. the thermometer recorded 12 degrees below zero. Willie has drawn home quite a quantity of stove wood to day. Ewart's shoes were not in order to start to school so I had to fix them up to day. I sewed up some rippings on a Boot for Richd McWilliams - Mc Williams children are about to start driving to school and we have been trying to provide harness for the purpose. Bella and the girls have been visiting there to day. the roads are improving as they are travelled upon. the snow does not pack extra well on account of the cold snap. === 4 Wednesday === A very cold day, the frost was pretty nearly as kean as yesterday. Ewart got his teeth sent him by mail some days since but they do not fit. so we made up our minds to drive over to Erin Village this afternoon. After a lunch at about 11 oclock, we drove over and had the drive for nothing as the dentist did not put up an appearance to day. he is about moving to Acton and has his time engaged this week in consequence. it was very dissapointing to find matters in this shape after so long a drive on so cold a day.

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