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== JANUARY 1888 1893== === 5 Thursday === A very stormy and cold day. the frost was kean as well as being stormy. considerable snow fell. I cut the rail for the stair way and got it into position by taking it in by the upper window. I bagged up 2 bags of mixed stuff and took it to Everton to grind - they had so much on hand that I did not wait for it. I have been doing the chores as Ewart is in school and Willie has been at a stone drawing bee for Willie Theaker. Johny also was there. they drew the most of the stones away that Johny took off the land ajoining the Beaver Meadow. Jeenie is up home for a few days helping her Mother to fix up her store Books. === 6 Friday === Frosty and cold last night. the frost was kean this morning, the cold however became less severe as the day wore on and the sun shone out some - Willie went to Toltons this morning to help thresh - I drove Ewart down to school this morning and called by way of Everton and got my chop, also got irons made to fasten on the rails on the stair way. Bella has been looking this day or two for John coming down. we guess he must think it too cold to risk the Baby out in, Johny is preparing a load of oats for Guelph tomorrow and I have had all the work of the chores on my hands. paid Robt. McWilliams 12 dollars as interest on note, and settled for the Mutton and he for mending Boots 75c balance on bull account $1.15. Maggie and her Mother and I visited at Johny's to night to see Barrie. {in margin} Settlement with accounts - === 7 Saturday === Frost less severe last night, and this forenoon was very fine. I was working quite a while in the shop to day mending shoes and harness. it became snowy again this afternoon. John McKenzie drove down this afternoon or rather before dinner and took Bella and the Baby away home. it was storming pretty hard as they went away but it moderated down after awhile. I was at Everton this evening and got some mail. Johny was at Guelph with a load of oats. sold at 27 1/2 cents. he called by {Pipes?} Mill and brought home Willie's wheat grist, also Robt. Jestins. Willie's was 14 Bu. & 5 lbs. === 8 Sunday === Another snowy day. the snow is considered to be fully 14 or 15 inches on the level now. the girls & Willie drove to Everton this forenoon. Jeenie is unwell to day. they did not go down in the afternoon. Margaret & I visited the sick this evening. Robert McWilliams and Barrie Mutrie over at Johny's.

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