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== JANUARY 1888 1893== === 12 Thursday === Continues very cold but this has been a pleasant day although cold. Ewart went to school with McWilliams' rig to day. Margaret and I drove over to Toltons to day and paid a long talked of visit. we went over on the forenoon and had both dinner and tea with them. Maggie and her Mother visited at Robert McWilliams this evening after we returned and afterwards they walked up to see Barrie Mutrie while I drove down to Everton to bring Minnie home and get the mail. James Black and his wife were at Johny's this afternoon. James met what might have proved a very serious accident while hitching up to start home. in passing Johny's "Jan" mare she kicked out at Jim's horse it is supposed and struck him on the arm disabling it at the time. it is to be hoped it is not serious. {in margin} Ewart to school - paid a long and long talked of visit to Tooltons - James Black kicked with Johny's Mare this evening. went to Everton fot Minnie - === 13 Friday === Not quite so cold to day and rather fine this forenoon. Ewart again to school today with McWilliams. Maggie, Minnie with their Mother and I hitched up the double team to the sleigh and drove up to McKenzies after dinner. we saw threshing going on at Weatherstones as we were about passing there and stopt to enquire if any of the McKenzies were there and found they were all there - we got Bella with us and John and his Mother followed on behind. Weatherston said he could get along without John which was lucky as they were visited by another neighbor as well as by us. - Mr and Mrs Bain - we had a very pleasant afternoon & drove home to find we had lost our bells. Willie drove up the cutter after ten oclock and found them near John's place. he went on to see the Baby and returned about 2 oclock A. M. === 14 Saturday === Another very cold day. I hurried through with my chores this morning and made ready to go to Guelph so as to catch the Bank before closing. I called on Mr Day to take him to Guelph if he was ready on small hopes account, but he was unwell. I was just in time for the Bank and took out the $25.00 that Heffernan paid on the note. they kept the discount, $24.85. I settles Rudd's Bill for house piping, got an axe and handle and other sundries. Alf. Hous rode home with me from Guelph. === 15 Sunday === Continues cold and frosty. the frost has got further onto the turnip house than usual - the girls have been twice at Everton to day. Barrie Mutrie is improving some although very slowly.

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